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Game Day Announced!

Can't wait to control the game world with your mind? Well you're in luck! Game day has been announced! We invite you all to come to Carleton University on April 10th, 2012, to try out Vitality yourself, meet the team, and learn about how we made Vitality. You can find more details here. We can't wait to meet you!

Vitality Demo with Dirty Rectangles

The Dirty Rectangles invited Studio XX to present Vitality the Game at their March meeting. We were thrilled to share our work on Vitality up to date, and appreciate the feedback we received from talented local game developers. Thank you for having us, Dirty Rectangles!

Vitality on Twitter

Vitality the Game is now on Twitter! Follow us at XX Studios' Twitter feed.

Vitality on Facebook

Vitality the Game is now on facebook! You can check out our images and subscribe to our updates check out Vitality's Facebook.